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1. In 1889, vigilantes hanged this woman who was accused of cattle rustling. Who was she?

A. Ella Watson
B. Martha Jane Canary
C. Kate Madison
D. Elvira Madigan


2. "Who invented the rimfire cartridge?

A. Buffalo Bill Cody
B. Eliphalet Remington
C. Sam Colt
D. B. Tyler Henry
E. Ned Buntline


3.The Burnham style refers to a type of:

A. leather chair
B. pine furniture
C. Texas barbeque
D. nasal Western singing
E. Navajo rug


4. "Where was John B. Stetson born?

A. Texas
B. New Jersey
E. Iowa


5. Who owned the Elkhorn Ranch during the 1880s?

A. Grover Cleveland
B. William Randolph Hearst
C. Susan B. Anthony
D. Owen Wister
E. Theodore Roosevelt


6. Who headed the Cherokee Nation in the mid-1980s?

A. Sonny Dances With Wolves
B. Alva Redfeather
C. Wilma Mankiller
D. Douglas Bruce
E. Henry Horseslayer


7. The Beartooth Highway leads to:

A. The Grand Canyon
B. Yosemite National Park
C. Bryce Canyon National Park
D. Arches National Park
E. Yellowstone National Park


8. The Colt Dragoon pistol was also called the:

A. Navy model
B. Army model
C. Peacemaker
D. Buntline Special
E. Sharp-shooter


9. To visit the JA ranch you should ride to:

A. Texas
B. Oklahoma
E. Wyoming


10. Where was the first Fred Harvey Restaurant opened?

A. Omaha, Nebraska
B. Topeka, Kansas
C. Phoenix, Arizona
D. Independence, Missouri
E. Santa Fe, New Mexico


11. From 1890 to 1915, Swedish photographer, John Anderson, took portraits of all of these notable Lakota Sioux, except for:

A. Red Cloud
B. Fool Bull
C. Hollow Horn Bear
D. High Horse
E. Looking Glass


12. Who wrote the cowboy poem, "Reincarnation"?

A. Wally McRae
B. Badger Clark
C. Waddie Mitchell
D. Baxter Black
E. Red Steagall


13. What is an orejano?

A. an unbranded calf
B. a drink mixture of tequila and orange juice
C. an herb grown in the Southwestern U.S.
D. a type of cactus found in Baja California
E. a chain that hangs from a cowboy's spurs

14. In ranch lingo, hemp means:

A. weak cup of coffee
B. rope
C. a loose saddle
D. a strong cigarette
E. a tough steak

15. In what year did the official Calgary Stampede begin?

A. 1893
B. 1900
C. 1912
D. 1898
E. 1908

16. Which Lakota Sioux died in London in 1892 while on tour for Buffalo Bill Cody?

A. Long Wolf
B. American Horse
C. Brave Chief
D. Rocky Bear
E. Red Shirt

17. In 1854, who received the first patent on a self-governing windmill?

A. Daniel Halladay
B. Samuel Colt
C. Eli Whitney
D. Thomas Edison
E. Edward Ellis

18. Who sculpted "The End of the Trail"?

A. Frederic Remington
B. Charlie Russell
C. James Bama
D. George Catlin
E. James Earl Fraser

19. Eohippus is the direct ancestor to which modern Western animal?

A. cow
B. sheep
C. horse
D. elk
E. deer


20. When was the Western pulp, Romantic Range released?

A. 1940
B. 1938
C. 1944
D. 1947
E. 1942

21. Who gave the first bronc riding exhibition by a woman in 1904?

A. Hazel Walker
B. Bertha Kapernick
C. May Lillie Allen
D. Lucille Mulhall
E. Ruth Roach


22. The term Californio referred to what in history?

A. Jesuit missionaries along the Sierra Nevada
B. the vaqueros of Spanish California
C. A Spanish term for the first Native Americans found in California
D. ranchers living in Baja California
E. a nickname for the first governor of Spanish California

23. Powwow comes from the word pauau or pauwau, meaning gathering of medicine men and spiritual leaders in a curing ceremony.

A. Tewa
B. Navajo
C. Algonquin
D. Shoshone
E. Sioux

24. Which of the following is not associated with longhorns?

A. lean breed
B. descended from creole cattle
C. carriers of Texas fever
D. gentle disposition
E. mascot of the University of Texas @ Austin

25. Stove-up refers to a cowboy who is

A. hungry as a bear.
B. too old to ride.
C. taciturn.
D. hot-headed.
E. suffering from a charley horse.

Y'all come back now ya hear!