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1. Answer: Ella "Cattle Kate" Watson

2. Answer: B. Tyler Henry

3. Answer: E. Navajo Rug

4. Answer: New Jersey

5. Answer: Theodore Roosevelt

6. Answer: Wilma Mankiller

7. Answer: Yellowstone National Park

8. Answer: Army model

9. Answer: Texas

10. Answer: Topeka, Kansas

11. Answer: E. Looking Glass

12. Answer: A. Wally McRae

13. Answer: A. an unbranded calf

14. Answer: B. rope

15. Answer: C. 1912

16. Answer: A. Long Wolf

17. Answer: A. Daniel Halladay

18. Answer: E. James Earl Fraser

19. Answer: C. horse

20. Answer: E. 1942

21. Answer: B. Bertha Kapernick

22. Answer: B  the vaqueros of Spanish California

23. Answer: C. Algonquin

24. Answer: D. gentle disposition

25. Answer: B. too old to ride


51. Answer: D. Lead steer in Charlie Goodnight's herd  

52. Answer B. Victor E. Cedarstaff
53. Answer C. Elizabeth Claire Flood
55. Answer C. play western music, Pee Wee King
56. Answer C. Rush,
57. Answer A. Barbara Van Cleve

58. Answer D. Amarillo, Texas
59. Answer B. saddle maker
60. Answer D . Santa Gertrudis

61. Answer: B. yodel
62. Answer: A. Walt LaRue
63. Answer: D. rode bulls
64. Answer: D. huaso

65. Answer: D. make saddles

66. Answer: C. Native American shaman
67. Answer: D. Flutist
68. Answer: C. Red Steagall

69. Answer: D. 1968

70. Answer: C. Western Canada
71. Answer: B. Mexia, Texas

72. Answer: D. Comstock, Nevada prostitute
73. Answer: A. Detroit
74. Answer: B. Frederic Remington
75. Answer: B. rodeo bull


101. Answer: C. Miles City, MT

102. Answer: D. She helped save the American bison
103. Answer: B. Cattle Kate
104. Answer: C. North Dakota

105. Answer: B. Bit and spur makers
106. Answer: C. Gene Autry
107. Answer: C. Fort Worth
108. Answer: A. Yodeling

109. Answer: A. Music
110. Answer: C. Santa Fe, NM
111. Answer: D. Rawhide braiding
112. Answer: D. Pottery,

113. Answer: C. Flute playing
114. Answer: B. Rodeo photography
115. Answer: B. Jackson Hole
116. Answer: A. Dancing

117. Answer: D. Terry Johnston
118. Answer: A. California
119. Answer: B. Paintings
120. Answer: B. Red Steagall

121. Answer: A. Edward Curtis
122. Answer: B. Tom Lea

123. Answer: D. Donna Howell-Sickles
124. Answer: D. Edward Piper
125. Answer: B. Outlaw













26. Answer: D. Thomas Molesworth

27. Answer: C. Chewing tobacco lids

28. Answer: D. North Dakota

29. Answer: A. Imprisoned Plains Indians

30. Answer: C. Roy Rogers

31. Answer: A. May Lillie

32. Answer: B. Calamity Jane

33. Answer: B. actors

34. Answer: C. Down Western Slope

35. Answer: B. Scottsdale, AZ

36. Answer: E, a rodeo maneuver

37. Answer: C, Wisconsin

38. Answer: A. South Dakota

39. Answer: D. 33
40. Answer: E. Fresno, CA
41. Answer: B. Charles Belden

42. Answer: e. Red Steagall
43. Answer: c. King Ranch in Texas
44. Answer: c. Rocketbuster

45. Answer: b. Strater Hotel in Durango
46. Answer: d. Cody, WY
47. Answer: c. mythical flute player,

48. Answer B. in newspapers and on the web, following her death Feb. 7, 2001

49. Answer: B. Charlie Russell
50. Answer B. Cheyenne, Wyoming   


76. Answer: A. Hoolihan
77. Answer: D. Billy the Kid

78. Answer: A. women
79. Answer: B. Johnny Mack Brown

80. Answer: D. bicycle-mounted unit
81. Answer: B. Chinese

82. Answer: C. African-American mountain man
83. Answer: A. 7
84. Answer: C. web matrix turquoise

85. Answer: A. Judge Roy Bean
86. Answer: D. Hillbilly Deluxe
87. Answer: D. Chief Black Kettle
88. Answer: A. Vaqueros on horses lassoing cattle

89. Answer: D. Round Rock, Texas
90. Answer: C. S. Omar Barker
91. Answer: D. China
92. Answer: A. Tioga, Texas

93. Answer: A. Jesus Enrique de la Pena

94. Answer: D. swastika

95. Answer: B. to quickly wrap a rope around a saddle horn after catching an animal

96. Answer: B. South Dakota
97. Answer: C. photography
98. Answer: A. California
99. Answer: A. Mary Fields

100. Answer: A. Roundrock


126. Answer: D. Michael Gray

127. Answer: D. New Mexico
128. Answer: C. Cowboy singing
129. Answer: A. Wyoming
130. Answer: A. Photography

131. Answer: B. Patsy Montana
132. Answer: D. switchback
133. Answer: A. Wales

134. Answer: C. Eyesa Special
135. Answer: B. Wilderness Photography
136. Answer: South Dakota's Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

137. Answer: B. KACHINAS
138. Answer: A. THE X FACTOR

139. Answer: C. CONNIE REEVES
140. Answer: A. 1896
141. Answer: D. BISCUITS & GRAVY

The Old West Quiz

1. Samuel Colt

2. B

3. D

4. brands

5. A

6. buffalo (bison)

7. Pony Express

8. rustling

9. D

10. cavalry

11. C

12. B

13. California

14. B

15. transcontinental railroad

16. roundup

17. posse

18. barbed wire

19. wagon trains

20. A

21. C

22. buffalo (bison)

23. C

24. stampede

25. Donner Pass

26. C

27. B

28. New Mexico

29. E

30. C


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