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William "Red" Angus (1849-1922), Wyoming (Johnson County) Sheriff

Ira Aten (18??–18??), Castro County Sheriff and Texas Ranger



Elfego Baca (1865–1945), New Mexico lawman

James W. Bell (18??–1881); New Mexico (Lincoln County) Deputy Sheriff

Sam Bernard (1880 1964) Pat Garrett,Deputy Lincoln County,New Mexico ,Hillsboro,NM

P.C. Baird (18??–1928), Mason County Sheriff and Texas Ranger

Mariano Barela (18??–18??), New Mexico (Mesilla) Sheriff and U.S. Marshal

J.A. Bascom (1832-1912), Utah lawman, Provo Chief of Police, Mona town constable

John W. Bascom (1869-1947), Utah lawman, Uintah County Deputy Sheriff

Johnny Behan (c. 1845–1912), Corrupt Arizona (Cochise County) Sheriff

William Breakenridge (1846–1931), Arizona (Cochise County) Deputy Sheriff and U.S. Marshal

William L. Brooks (1832–1874), Kansas (Newton) and (Dodge City) Marshal

Hendry Brown (1857–1884), Texas (Tascosa) and Kansas (Caldwell) Marshal

Neal Brown (1850–????), Kansas (Dodge City) Assistant Marshal, U. S. (Oklahoma Territory) Marshal

Seth Bullock (1849–1919), Montana (Lewis and Clark County) Sheriff, South Dakota (Lawrence County) Sheriff, U. S. (Dakota Territory)Marshal



Frank M. Canton - Joe Horner (1849–1927); Wyoming (Johnson County) Sheriff; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Oklahoma (Q County) Under Sherrif

Charles Francis Colcord (1859-1934): Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Chief of Police, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Territory.

David J. Cook (1842–1907); Marshal, Denver, Colorado.

Thomas Carl Cook (ca. 1880's); US Marshal, Smith Center, Kansas.

"Longhair" Jim Courtright (1848–1887); Nebraska (Omaha) Marshal, New Mexico (Lake Valley) Marshal, Texas (Fort Worth) Sheriff, Texas (Fort Worth) Detective.



Morgan Earp (1851–1882); Kansas (Ford County) Deputy Sheriff, Montana (Butte) Marshal, U. S. (Arizona Territory)Deputy Marshal, Arizona (Deputy Policeman/Marshal)

Virgil Earp (1843–1906); Kansas (Dodge City) Deputy Marshal, Arizona (Prescott) Deputy Sheriff, Airzona (Tombstone) Marshal/Chief of Police, U. S. (Arizona Territory) Deputy Marshal, California (Colton) Sheriff, Nevada (Esmeralda County) Deputy Sheriff

Warren Earp (1855–1900); U. S. (Arizona Territory) Deputy Marshal, Special Ranger (Arizona Cattleman's Association)

Wyatt Earp (1848–1929); Missouri (Lamar) Constable, Kansas (Ellsworth) Marshal (for 1 hour), Kansas (Wichita) Deputy Policeman, Kansas (Dodge City) Assistant Marshal, Arizona (Pima County) Deputy Sheriff, Arizona (Tombstone) Deputy Policeman/Assistant Marshal, Dodge City Peace Commissioner, U. S. (Arizona Territory) Deputy Marshal



John King Fisher {1854-1884) Texas Sherriff

Camillus Sidney Fly (1849–1901); Arizona (Cochise County) Sheriff



Pat Garrett (1850–1908); New Mexico (Lincoln County) Sheriff, New Mexico (Dona Ana County) Sheriff, New Mexico (El Dorado County) Sheriff, Texas Ranger Captain, Texas (El Paso) Customs Collector



Lee Hall (1849–1911); Texas Ranger.

Wiley G. Haines (1860–1928); Undersheriff, County P, Oklahoma Territory; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Chief, Osage Indian Police.

Jack Helm (c. 1838–1873); Sheriff, DeWitt County, Texas.

James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok (1837–1876); Kansas (Abilene & Hays City) Marshal

John Henry "Doc" Holliday (1851–1887); Arizona (Tombstone) Special Police Officer, U.S. Deputy Marshal

John R. Hughes (1855–1946); Texas Ranger.

James B. Hume (1827–1904); Marshal, Placerville, California; Undersheriff, El Dorado County, California; Sheriff, El Dorado County, California; Chief Detective, Wells, Fargo & Company.



Grant Johnson (1858–1929), Deputy U.S. Marshall, Indian Territory

John Liver-Eating Johnson {1824-1900} Deputy Sherriff/Town Marshal

John B. Jones (1834–1891), Texas Ranger



John M. Larn (1849–1877); Outlaw & Sheriff, Shackleford County, Texas.

James Franklin "Bud" Ledbetter (1852-1937); Deputy Sheriff, Johnson County, Arkansas; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Sheriff, Muskogee County, Oklahoma.

Isaiah W. Lees (1830–1902); Detective, San Francisco (California) Police Department.

William Sidney "Cap" Light (1864–1893); deputy sheriff, Belton, Texas & Temple, Texas and Creede, Colorado.

Harry Love (1809–1868); Captain, California Rangers (1853–1855).

Steve "Big Steve" Long ( –1868); Outlaw & Deputy Marshal, Laramie City, Wyoming Territory (never really a lawman).



Leander H. McNelly (1844–1877), Texas Ranger

Chris Madsen (1851–1944), U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory

Edward J. Masterson (1852–1878), Kansas (Dodge City) Marshal

James P. Masterson (1855–1895), Kansas (Dodge City), (Ford County), (Ingalls), and U.S. Marshal

Bat Masterson [William Bartholomew Masterson] (1853–1921); Kansas (Ford County) Deputy Sheriff/Sheriff, Colorado (Trinidad) Marshal, U. S. Deputy Marshal, Dodge City Peace Commissioner

"Mysterious" Dave Mather (1851–1930?), Kansas (Dodge City) Marshal, Texas (El Paso) Assistant Marshal, U. S. (New Mexico Territory) Deputy Marshal, R. C. M. P.

Mike Meagher (1844–1881), Kansas (Wichita) Marshal

Zeke Miller, Deputy U.S. Marshal, Indian Territory

Jeff Milton

Burton C. Mossman (1867–1956), Arizona Rangers Captain

Harry N. Morse (1835–1912); Sheriff, Alameda County, California.



David Neagle (1847–1926), Arizona (Cochise County) Deputy Sheriff, Arizona (Tombstone) Marshal, and California (San Francisco) Detective, U.S. Marshal



Robert M. Olinger (1850–1881), New Mexico (Seven Rivers) Marshal, New Mexico (Lincoln County) Deputy Sheriff

William Owen O'Neill (1860-1898) Arizona (Yavapai County) Sheriff

Commodore Perry Owens (1852–1919), Arizona (Apache County) Sheriff



Allan Pinkerton (1819–1884), Pinkerton Detective Agency Founder

William A. Pinkerton (1846–1923), Pinkerton Detective

Robert Pinkerton (1848–1907), Pinkerton Detective

Henry Plummer (1837–1864), California (Nevada City) Marshal and Montana (Bannack) Sheriff

Robert Jack Price (1848–1930), Constable



Bass Reeves (1839–1910), Deputy U.S. Marshall, Indian Territory



George Scarborough (1859-1903)

John Selman (1839–1896), Texas (El Paso) Constable

Sam Sixkiller (1842–1886); Captain, U.S. Indian Police, Indian Territory; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Indian Territory.

Charles Sims (1879–1945), Oklahoma (Rosedale) Town Marshal

John Slaughter (1841–1922), Arizona (Cochise County) Sheriff and Texas Ranger

Thomas Smith (1830–1870), Colorado (Kit Carson) and Kansas (Abilene) Marshal and U.S. Deputy Marshal

Con Stapleton (1848–1879), South Dakota (Deadwood) Marshal

Dallas Stoudenmire (1845–1882), Texas (El Paso) Marshal and Texas Ranger; Deputy U.S. Marshal



Henry Andrew "Heck" Thomas (1850–1912), Deputy U.S. Marshall, Oklahoma Territory.

Ben Thompson (1842–1884), Austin, Texas Marshal

Bill Tilghman (1854–1924); Deputy Marshal, Dodge City, Kansas; Deputy U.S. Marshal, Oklahoma Territory; Sheriff, Lincoln County, Oklahoma; Chief of Police, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Paden Tolbert (1863-1904); Deputy U.S. Marshal, Indian Territory.



John Joshua Webb (1847–1882); Kansas (Dodge City) Deputy Marshal, New Mexico (Las Vegas) Marshal

Fred White (1849–1880); Arizona (Tombstone) Marshal

Franklin Pierce West, Indian Territory Deputy Marshall, killed in the line of duty by Sam Starr 12/17/1886

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