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26. Which designer is known for putting "Cowboy Style" on the map?

A. Gustav Stickley
B. Frank Lloyd Wright
C. Fredric Remington
D. Thomas Molesworth
E. George Mason

27. Which of the following are most commonly used as "jingles" on jingle dresses?

A. Spent ammo shells
B. Quarters
C. Chewing tobacco lids
D. Beads
E. Silver bells

28. Where was Louis L'Amour born?

A. New Mexico
B. Wyoming
North Dakota
E. South Dakota

29. Who were the originators of ledger art in 1875?

A. Imprisoned Plains Indians
B. Eastern accountants on their journey west
C. The Hopi people
D. Workers laying railroad tracks
E. Buffalo soldiers

30. Who was born Leonard Slye in Cincinnati, Ohio?

A. Gene Autry
B. Will Rogers
C. Roy Rogers
D. Zane Grey
E. John Wayne

31. Annie Oakley was a member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and a crack shot. Which of the following women was part of Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show, and did her trick shooting side saddle on a moving horse?

A. May Lillie
B. Tad Lucas
C. Vera McGinnis
D. Pearl Hart
E. Evelyn Cameron

32. Which of the following cowgirls was an army scout, a teamster, and a part time prostitute?

A. Cattle Annie
B. Calamity Jane
C. Belle Star
D. Pauline Irwin
E. LuLu Parr

33. Eileen and Josie Sedgwick are best known as _______.

A. cattle rustlers
B. actors
C. bronc riders
D. sharp shooters
E. bank robbers

34. What silent movie was filmed in Kicking Horse Canyon in

A. Up the Canyon Pass
B. Along the Great White
C. Down Western Slope
D. The Western Trail of Canada

35. Where is the Cowboy College located?

A. Austin, TX
B. Scottsdale, AZ
C. Dallas, TX
D. Great Falls, MT
E. Cheyenne, WY

36. Cheyenne roll refers to what?

A. Sourdough bread
B. Baking soda biscuits
D. Saddle
E.A rodeo maneuver

37. In what state does Miracle, the White Buffalo, live?

A. Texas
C. Wisconsin
E Colorado

38. Badger Clark was the cowboy poet laureate of what state?

A. South Dakota
B. Montana
D. Arizona

39. How old was Roy Rogers' beloved Trigger when the horse died?

A. 21
E 25

40. In what city was western painter Maynard Dixon born?

A .Tucson, AZ
B. Helena, MT
C. San Francisco, CA
D. Portland, OR
E. Fresno, CA

41. Name the photographer who took great pictures on Wyoming's Pitchfork Ranch.
A. E. E. Smith
B. Charles Belden
C. William Jackson
D. Joseph Stimson
E. Alfred E. Newman

42. Who authored the cowboy poem "Ride for the Brand"?

A. Waddie Mitchell
B. Baxter Black
C. Badger Clark
D. Wally McRae
E. Red Steagall

43. What ranch owned the first animal registered with the American Quarter Horse Association?

A. Pitchfork Ranch in Wyoming
B. Pitchfork Ranch in Texas
C. King Ranch in Texas
D. Double Diamond in Montana
E. Lazy S Ranch in Cary, NC

44. Which company made the worldís largest, authentic cowboy boots?

A. Justin
B. Stetson
C. Rocketbuster
D. Tony Lama
E. Dan Post


45. Where did Louis L’Amour write his novel Hondo?

A. Grand Hotel in Denver
B. Strater Hotel in Durango
C. His ranch in southwest Colorado
D. Erma Hotel in Cody
E. Hollywood

46. Where was Edward Bohlin’s first saddle and harness shop located?

A. Los Angeles, CA
B. Denver, CO
C. Austin, TX
D. Cody, WY

47. Who is Kokopelli?
A. rodeo bull
B. rodeo bronc
C. mythical flute player
D. god of water
E. rock band

48. What was Frances Octavia Smith's stage name?
A. Patsy Montana
B. Dale Evans
C. Annie Oakley
D. Calamity Jane

49. Who published a very good book titled The Cowboy in 1922?

A. Philip Ashton Rollins
B. Charlie Russell
C. Louis L'Amour
D. Theodore Roosevelt

50. Where is the annual World Championship Ranch Rodeo held?

A. Las Vegas, Nevada
B. Cheyenne, Wyoming
C. Amarillo, Texas
D. New York City, New York

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