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101. Which Western town has held a bucking horse sale for more than 50 years?
A. Portland, OR
B. Denver, CO
C. Miles City, MT
D. Jackson Hole, WY

102. For what is Mary Ann Goodnight remembered?
A. She preserved early cowboy songs
B. She wrote Western poetry
C. She founded the first school in Denver
D. She helped save the American bison

103. Who was the only woman to hang in the state of Wyoming?
A. Calamity Jane
B. Cattle Kate
C. Big
Nose Kate
D. Etta Place

104. Photographer Frank Bennett Fiske is most closely associated with which state?
A. Kansas
B. New Mexico
C. North

105. Which of the following would probably interest you if you read books by Ned and Jody Martin?
A. Cowboy songs
B. Bit and spur makers
C. Cowboy poetry
D. Native American artists

106. Who was first billed as "Oklahoma's Yodeling Cowboy"?
A. Will Rogers
B. Bob Wills
C. Gene Autry
D. Don Edwards

107. In June 2002, the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame opened in which city?
A. Denver
B. Dodge City
C. Fort Worth
D. Lubbock

108. Which of the following is Wylie Gustafson's trademark?
A. Yodeling
B. Fine Pottery
C. Saddles
D. Western Art

109. For which of the following is Ryan Murphey best known?
A. Music
B. Pottery
C. Leatherwork
D. Painting

110. Which city should you travel to if you want to stay at the Hacienda del Cerezo?
A. Denver, CO
B. Dallas, TX
C. Santa Fe, NM
D. Tucson, AZ

111. If you admire Luis B. Ortego, you are probably a fan of which of the following?
A. Realistic Western paintings
B. Corridor singers
C. Western photography
D. Rawhide braiding

112. Maria Martinez is best known for which of the following?
A. Tejano music
B. Authentic Mexican cuisine
C. Textiles
D. Pottery

113. Kokopelli is most associated with which of the following?
A. Basket weaving
B. Silver work
C. Flute playing
D. Pottery making

114. If you collect works by Ralph Russell Doubleday, you probably also enjoy which of the following?
A. Pottery
B. Rodeo photography
C. Sculpture
D. Western swing music

115. Built in 1916, St. John's Episcopal Church stands in which city?
A. Dallas
B. Jackson Hole
C. Las Cruces
D. Tucson

116. If you attend a fandango, you probably enjoy which of the following activities?
A. Dancing
B. Downhill skiing
C. Painting
D. Rock climbing

117. Which talented Western novelist did we lose in 2001?
A. Jordan Blue
B. Louis L'Amour
C. Elmer Kelton
D. Terry Johnston

118. To visit William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd's ranch, you will need to visit which state?
A. California
B. Texas

119. Roberta de la Vega specializes in which of the following types of art?
A. Jewelry
B. Paintings
C. Bronze sculptures
D. Pottery

120. Who heads up an annual cowboy festival held at the Ft. Worth Stockyards?
A. Michael Martin Murphey
B. Red Steagall
C. Larry McMurtry
D. Hal Cannon

121. Who was known as "Shadow Catcher" to Native Americans?
A. Edward Curtis
B. Charlie Russell
C. Frederick Remington
D. Edwin E. Smith

122. In 2001, we lost a talented El Paso writer and illustrator named?
A. J. Frank Dobie
B. Tom Lea
C. Marty Robbins
D. Ben Russell

123. Which artist painted the whimsical work Lone Star Bulls?
A. Tom Lea
B. Willie Matthews
C. Maria Martinez
D. Donna Howell-Sickles

124. Who is credited with making one of the earliest trail drives in the American West?
A. Charlie Russell
B. Charlie Goodnight
C. Joseph McCoy
D. Edward Piper

125. Who was Thomas Coleman Younger?
A. Painter
B. Outlaw
C. Poet
D. Singer

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