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Rodeo Dreams
The bulls and the clowns
The ups and the downs
He's hooked on this eight-second ride
The spurs and the blood
The dust and the mud
This will be his first time to ride
His one chance at stardom
His one chance at fame
She doesn't want him playin this game
She told him no, but he just had to go
On with his rodeo dreams
Just him and his rodeo dreams
The golden belt buckles
The cowboy's white knuckles
Maybe he won't take the fall
The black cowboy hats
The boots and the chaps
He ended with the worst mark of all
His one chance at stardom
His one chance at fame
She doesn't want him playin this game
She told him no, but he just had to go
On with his rodeo dreams
Just him and his rodeo dreams
The last time she saw him, he was ridin that bull
Now that he's gone no one will ever know about
His one chance at stardom
His one chance at fame
She doesn't want him playin this game
She told him no, but he just had to go
On with his rodeo dreams
Just him and his rodeo dreams
She told him no, but he had to go
On with his rodeo dreams
Just him and his rodeo dreams
By Dawn


Cowboy ~ America's Best

Can you believe this western sky
The clouds that often float right by
The colors that show in the west
As the Sun sets are the best

No matter where you'll ever roam
The west is where you will call home
The freedoms that we do enjoy
Are set from the past by a man called "Cowboy"

They made the west from just plain dirt
And from chasing around a gal in a skirt
They used there pistols and shot guns
And hoped that no matter the west would be won

They rode on horses and wore big hats
Chased cows and sheep can you believe that
They fensed and worked the whole day long
Until the daylight all was gone

No other breed could settle the west
That is why they are known as America's best
Only they could hang on to what was right
And show their ladies to hold on tight

Drinking and cards were not there only fun
When the West had just begun
They loved to stand up for what was right
And it didn't matter if it ended up in a fight

So when you think of a cowboy dear
Remember that it was they that had no fear
They were the ones that settled the west
They are among America's Best...
Poetic Cowboy
©July 1997


Chaps and Spurs

Wearing chaps and silver spurs
Are some of the cowboys lures
He rides in on a fabulous steed
And satisfies a lady when in need

Underneath that cowboy hat
is a gentleman at that
He knows just what a woman needs
and gives it to her in the right speeds

Never would a cowboy leave a lady wanting more
Or leave a lady feeling like a dime store whore
He loves them with his big warm heart
Allowing time to make the start

A cowboy is a gentleman
Loving cowgirls all he can
Each one important in their own way
Each one thought of everyday

That is not to say he won't be true
To a cowgirl such as you
If given a chance to let down his guard
Loving him isn't very hard

So when this cowboy rides on in
Lure him with your great big grin
Let him know he means the most
From the mountains to the coast.
Poetic Cowboy
©July 1997


Chilling Day

He went on a ride on that chilling day
Out through the meadow on a bay
This wasn't a racehorse that he rode
And no great beauty I am told

But this old horse had seen him through
Many a scrape that a cowboy gets into
He was droned with hat and cowboy boots
And in the distance the train a common gave three toots

The Weather was enough to chill to the bone
But the cold reminded him of the night he yanked the phone
He lost his temper and didn't walk away
And now he has no where that he can stay

He knows he let his family down
And oft he is seen wearing a frown
He wants to mend this broken fence
And help his love sort of make sense

But he isn't sure what brought it all on
So now he just went out and now he is gone
The cowboy that this story is about
Isn't the average it holds no clout

But this cowboy was wise and figured what he needed to do
Was to mend things with his wife and children too
He thought while he rode just what it would take
And he knew although not easy was best for heavens sake

So with hat in hand he opened the door
And threw it in on the bare wood floor
His woman pick it up and held it in her hands
Then looked down at her wedding bands

She loved him more than words could say
But knew what she needed for her to stay
As she stared him down and said her thought
He knew that she was right that he'd been caught

He got down on his knees and said I love you Honey
The tears streamed down her face that day...they both had won
Together they now stick by one another's side
Together now they go out for the ride

And to this day that same old bay
Is still the favored one today
It helped to mend two broken hearts
Which led up to there brand new starts.
Poetic Cowboy


Country Roads

Country Roads lead me on home
where the sheep and cattle roam
Hay is cut and Grain as well
All other crops as far as I can tell

Where men are rough and honest too
And values taught to me and you
The people there rise with the sun
And the day has just begun

There is always something there to do
Some kind of task just one or two
Where old women gather to stitch a quilt
And the coal stoves are full of silt

Friendly faces wave hello
To all the folks who come you know
Helping hands when problems arise
And this shouldn't really come as a surprise

And the Mountains reach to the sky
As the clouds go rolling by
Cowboys dressed in Hat and belt
Not ashamed for the life that is delt

These country roads led me to you
So think of me when you are blue
And remember how I was led from here
And that I'll always want you near
Poetic Cowboy
©July 1997


Cowboy's Dream

Every cowboy has one,
Just like his hat, boots and jeans.
It's a part of his genetic make-up,
This thing called a Cowboy's Dream.

Now this dream has many sections,
And each section has just as many parts.
But the end result leads to a cowboy's toughest feature,
Located smack dab in the middle of his heart.

Now give the cowboy credit,
Cause he'll try his damnedest not to show it.
But most of us have been through it enough,
To speak in detail about how we know it.

His vision of perfect beauty,
One that could steal his breath at any moment.
A life put on hold and a mind on edge,
By the reoccurring dream of that special woman.

Within his life of solitude,
A cowboy's mind is plagued with lots of time.
Time spent on opinions he'll never use,
And the girl he might never find.

Most any cowboy has had his share,
Of women along the way.
And people will argue that he's just a player,
Using those women in his sinister game.

But that isn't true for the better of 'em,
And if you could get him to speak he'd probably say.
That his cowboy dream would be his perfect match,
One from which he'll never stray.

Her heart would be as big as his,
Her soul at least twice or more.
So sweet and rare, a desert jewel,
Like a rose without the thorns.

She'd smell like the mountain flowers,
And her lips would hold the perfect taste.
The desire she brings him makes the time without her,
Time he's made to waste.

Her eyes would dance with a million emotions,
Changing no matter brown, green or blue.
Her flowing hair straight from angels spindles,
Taylor made to run hands through.

And the curves of her luscious body.
The one's at home in Wrangler's or a Sunday dress.
Have a way to make the cleanest cowboy,
Turn completely to a big old' mess.

Of course, she'd possess a streak of toughness,
Cause the hay needs bucking and those calves need a brand.
And when it came to moments of passion,
He would feel the tenderness in her hand.

The cowboy dreams of rescuing his woman,
From the hustle of today's stressful mix.
This quiet knight could slay her dragon,
And win her heart, which he would fix.

In return she'd mend his wounds,
Accustomed to all those rodeo falls.
And as long as he was willing, her guarantee to him,
Would be her by his side through it all.

They'd spend their nights on an old porch swing,
Embraced, as they gaze at the stars.
Knowing their love is forever safe,
Within each others arms.

For years and years their fire would burn,
Through all the nasty, stormy weather.
And when it came time to end it all,
The cowboy and her would take one last ride up to heaven together.

Well sure as the cowboy was born to ride,
He was also born to dream.
All the women left in his wake,
Will now know what he means.

The cowboy has a way of hiding,
Things he never wants to show.
The most important being his broken heart,
Which that special women could make whole.

For years, it seems, he'll make the wait,
Till he's able to slip out of 'dem jeans.
When he'll crawl into bed, and rest his head,
In the arms of his Cowboy Dream.
By Poetic cowboy
©July 1997


The Cowboy

He practices for hour, waiting for the big day.
He rides for action, not for pay.
He gets bucked off, crawls right back on.
This man is very strong.
He's not afraid of what the future will hold.
A cowboy's strong and very bold.
At night he dreams of the big bull ride.
If he loses, he knows he tried.
The cowboy's teard of accomplishment roll down his cheek.
Those that see him crying do not think he is weak.
The cowboy travels to follow his dream.
From town to town he will be seen
When the chute gate is opened and the bull comes out.
The people that are watching scream and shout.
The cowboy will stick to his dream until the end.
This may be pretty soon my friend.
The risks he takes are better than all.
You will be able to see this in his fall.
A cracked rib or a broken leg.
These are some of the prices a cowboy must pay.

April Cardell

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