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  • American by birth. Cowgirl by choice.
  • It aint the clothes that make the cowgirl, it's the attitude and heart.
  • I aint a redneck. I'm a southern girl with attitude.
  • Sometimes a cowgirl has to do what a cowboy can't.
  • G.R.I.T.S = Girl Raised In The South
  • Saddle up. Shut up. Hold on Tight.
  • If you can't handle the ride, don't climb into the chute.
  • If all you got is 8 seconds, don't even walk my way, cause I may want you for a lifetime and 8 won't pay your stay.
  • Cowboys are neat, every country girl should have one.
  • If your wrist is shining my buckle, your hand is in the wrong territory.
  • What part of *I KICK BUTT* don't you understand?
  • He may have the spurs but I have the hammer.
  • Step on my boots and my spurs will meet your butt.
  • Love is the country, a cowboy, and a horse for the both of ya.
  • Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.
  • God made the country. Man made the town.

Y'all come back now ya hear!