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51. Who was "Old blue"?

A. World famous race horse
B. Oldest rodeo bull to retire
C. Number one Champion fighting cock
D. Lead steer in Charlie Goodnight's herd


52. Who created the first bola tie?
A. Roy Rogers
B. Victor E. Cedarstaff
C. Pee Wee King
D. Edward Bohlin

53. Who is the author of the book Cowboy High Style?
A. Cormac McCarthy
B. Richard W. Slatta
C. Elizabeth Claire Flood
D. George W. Bush

54. Which cowboy film star rode a horse named Koko?
A. Rex Allen
B. William S. Hart
C. Johnny Mack Brown
D. Broncho Billy Anderson

55. What did Frank Anthony Kuczynski do and what was his professional name?

A. recite cowboy poems, J.B. Allen
B. ride broncs bareback, Al Winters
C. play western music, Pee Wee King
D. draw cowboy cartoons, Ace Reid

56. What is the name of whip-wielding cowboy movie star Lash LaRue’s horse?

A. Scout
B. Tony
C. Rush
D. Topper

57. Which one of the following people photographs life in the American West?

A. Barbara Van Cleve
B. Spud Anderson
C. Emerson Hough
D. Waddie Mitchell

58. Which of the following cities lies on Route 66?

A. Austin, Texas
B. San Diego, California
C. Colorado Springs, Colorado
D. Amarillo, Texas

59. Wendy Allen does what for a living?

A. cowgirl poet
B. saddle maker
C. singer
D. actress

60. Which cattle breed originated on the King Ranch in Texas?

A. Holstein
B. Longhorn
C. Brahman
D. Santa Gertrudis


61. What does Wylie Gustafson do?
A. act
B. yodel
C. paint
D. sculpt

62. Which of the following is a cowboy cartoonist?
A. Walt LaRue
B. Adam Jahiel
C. Emerson Hough
D. Bose Ikard

63. What did Donnie Gay do?
A. acted in films
B. wrote cowboy poetry
C. made saddles
D. rode bulls

64. What is the cowboy of Chile called?
A. guacho
B. vaquero
C. charro
D. huaso

65. What does Chas Weldon of Billings, Montana, do?
A. break horses
B. ride bulls
C. write music
D. make saddles

66. What unusual subject does artist Mike Larsen paint?
A. Jackalopes
B. Prairie dog towns
C. Native American shaman
D. Rodeo Bulls

67. What is Robert Mirabal's profession?
A. Actor
B. Educator
C. Rodeo cowboy
D. Flutist

68. Who is the poet lariat (laureate) of Texas?
A. Charles "Badger" Clark
B. George W. Bush
C. Red Steagall
D. Baxter Black

69. When was the first tribal college established?
A. 1954
B. 1956
C. 1961
D. 1968

70. Where is "Palliser’s Triangle"?
A. Next to the Bermuda Triangle
B. Texas Panhandle
C. Western Canada
D. Colorado/Wyoming Border

71. Where is Cindy Walker, the first woman inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, from?
A. Baird, Texas
B. Mexia, Texas
C. Batesville, Texas
D. Granbury, Texas

72. Who was Julia Bulette?
A. A survivor on the Titanic
B. Wife of a frontier military officer
C. First woman to vote in Wyoming
D. Comstock, Nevada prostitute

73. From where did the Lone Ranger and his trusted sidekick Tonto air their first radio show?
A. Detroit
B. Chicago
C. New York
D. Cleveland

74. Which artist rode with and painted the Buffalo Soldiers (African-American frontier troops)?
A. Charlie Russell
B. Frederic Remington
C. Olaf Wieghorst
D. George Catlin

75. Bodacious is the name of a famous what?
A. wild horse
B. rodeo bull
C. tequila drink
boom town

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