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76. Which term is used to describe an overhand rope throw used for catching a horse?
A. Hoolihan
B. Remuda
C. Waddy
D. Rought String
E. Bronc Twister

77. Which famous westerner did composer Copland feature in one of his ballets?
A. Wyatt Earp
B. Davy Crockett
C. Chief Joseph
D. Billy the Kid

78. What does western artist, Bruce Greene, frequently make the focus of his work?
A. Women
B. Indians
C. Children
D. Cowboys

79. Who starred in the 1930 film, "Billy the Kid a.k.a. The Highwayman Rides"?
A. Ronald Reagan
B. Johnny Mack Brown
C. John Wayne
D. William S. Hart

80. What distinguished the 25th Infantry Regiment of African-American soldiers in Missoula, Montana?
A. They captured Chief Joseph.
B. They repelled a Canadian attack in 1863.
C. They survived the Battle at Little Big Horn.
D. They were a bicycle-mounted unit.

81. What was Polly Bemis’s ethnic background?
A. Mexican
B. Chinese
C. Irish
D. English

82. Jim Beckwourth was a:
A. cowhand for Charlie Goodnight
B. member of the Hole in the Wall Gang
C. African-American mountain man
D. member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

83. At what age did clothing manufacturer Manuel begin sewing?
A. 7
B. 10
C. 13
D. 16

84. In Southwest jewelry, which type of turquoise has been rarest and most valued?
A. green turquoise
B. blue turquoise
C. web matrix turquoise
D. "fossil" turquoise

85. Who loved Lillie Langtry?
A. Judge Roy Bean
B. Wyatt Earp
C. George Armstrong Custer
D. Ronald Reagan

86. Dwight Yoakam wore a Manuel jacket on the cover of which album?
A. Under the Covers
B. If There Was a Way
C. Just Lookin' For a Hit
D. Hillbilly Deluxe

87. Who died at Sand Creek, Colorado?
A. Sam Bass
B. Chief Joseph
C. Wyatt Earp
D. Chief Black Kettle

88. In 1899 what was pictured on the Hawaiian $50 bill?
A. Vaqueros on horses lassoing cattle
B. King Kamehameha giving cattle to the islanders
C. Vaqueros dressed in panchos and spurs
D. Longhorn cattle with Maunakea in the distance

89. Where was the outlaw Sam Bass killed?
A. Northfield, Minnesota
B. Sand Creek, Colorado
C. Deadwood, South Dakota
D. Round Rock, Texas

90. Which Western Pulp writer penned the verse "Pullin' Leather" in 1939 for Western Story Magazine?
A. Will Cook
B. Gregory Jackson
C. S. Omar Barker
D. Kenneth L. Sinclair

91. Which country has four or five turquoise producing regions that are still extracting huge quantities?
B. Morocco

92. What is Gene Autry's birthplace?
A. Tioga, Texas
B. Autry, Oklahoma
C. Los Angeles, California
D. Autryville, North Carolina

93. Who is the author of a diary that states that Davy Crockett surrendered and was executed and this did not die fighting at the Alamo?

A. Jesus Enrique de la Pena
B. John Wayne
C. Stonewall Jackson
D. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

94. Which of the following symbols at one time meant good fortune and happy trails to the cowboy?

A. cross
B. star
C. icthus
D. swastika

95. What does the term "dally" refer to?

A. a horse that is always feeling fresh and ready
B. to quickly wrap a rope around a saddle horn after catching an animal
C. the second wagon that carried overflow from the chuck wagon
D. the four-man, two-hour shifts that trial hands road from sundown to sunup

96. The book Roundup Years treats ranch history in which state?
A. Texas
B. South Dakota
C. Oklahoma

97. For what is Josiah Belden best known?
A. novels
B. poetry
C. photography
D. leatherwork

98. Which state does Highway 83 NOT pass through?
A. California
B. Texas
C. Nebraska
North Dakota

99. Who was the ex-slave who became known as "Stagecoach Mary"?
A. Mary Fields
B. Mary Cassidy
C. Mary Cannary
D. Mary Jone

100. Near which town did Outlaw Sam Bass met his end?
A. Roundrock, TX
B. Kingsville, TX
C. Ft. Smith, AK
D. Dodge City, KS

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